We carefully select the fabrics that go into our garments by selecting only those with the best technical characteristics.

Carbon Fiber

Fabric made with carbon fiber that provides an anti-static performance, as well as lowering heart rates and body temperature by reducing the feeling of physical stress.

Lycra Shield 225gr

Ladderproof polyester/elastane fabric with high density, compact structure, highly opaque, excellent printability, uv/upf 50+ protection, breathable, made in Italy by M.I.T.I. Spa

Lycra Action

The exclusive characteristics of the LYCRA® fiber allow it to be stretched up to seven times its initial size, and then return perfectly to its initial state once tension is released, giving garments containing it perfect shape recovery, excellent fit and freedom of movement


A bielastic fabric with high technical-tactile characteristics.
The appearance is opaque, the inner part is "pile-like," and it has high wear resistance characteristics, with superior elasticity and recovery qualities compared to similar articles.
The sophisticated processing cycle and the use of special fibers give it an extremely pleasant hand, incomparable comfort and durability qualities and make it unique.


Windtex is an ultra-lightweight temperature regulating membrane that blocks wind and water and maintains the microclimate between the skin and the fabric. Its light weight and especially its elasticity make us proud to have made such a state-of-the-art product.
In fact, other membranes that might otherwise be similar to Windtex ® are heavier and have nothing like the same elasticity.
This is why Windtex is the right choice for all types of sportswear.

Windtex Misurina

It is a lightweight, windproof, waterproof and water-repellent fabric that, thanks to the Windtex membrane, protects and keeps warmth at the same time. This fabric was born from a careful market analysis, with the aim of improving the athlete's clothing and comfort in all seasons without sacrificing freedom of movement.
The interior, totally made of highly hydrophilic microfiber, helps disperse sweat that is absorbed faster by the membrane obviating the unpleasant damp feeling typical of traditional winter fabrics
. The "STORM SHIELD" system was primarily designed for cycling, but amazing results have also been achieved for other sports.

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