The pads used in our products are the result of extensive research and testing. Thanks to this research, we are only able to offer our customers products whose high quality we can guarantee. Our products are tested by cyclists who have been competing at high levels for many years. This allows us to grow more and more in quality, coming up with products that meet the demands of the most demanding cyclists.All of our pads come from Italian firms, whose quality standards are approved and established.

HD Ergonomic TRS pad

Tested by professional and amateur teams, HD Ergonomic offers maximum comfort thanks to its 16mm thickness and the highest possible density (120kg/m3).
The anatomical shape has sponge in the middle and back and leaves areas where nerves rest where blood flow is greatest.
Preformed wings and toe allow the pad to mold and conform to the shorts, improving the fit.
Absolutely no surface seams, preventing abrasion or discomfort.

Recommended wear time: up to 6 hours

TMF Skyve pad

TMF Skyve pad is a high-performance pad ideal for pedaling over 8 hours on extreme road and dirt trails.
Its ergonomic shape is unique due to the unique TMF skyving technology applied to various foam combinations.
More particularly, superlight foam allows for greater impact absorption in the ischial area,
while a more versatile foam of lower density has been applied in the pubic area to optimize comfort.
As a result, increased pressure while leaning on the front of the saddle in the racing position is avoided.
The zig-zag carbon fabric has an anti-static effect that improves cycling performance.
The holes in the new breath tech backing accompany the movement of pedaling,
opening during leg extension and then closing again when the leg bends.
The continuous action of pedaling thus contributes to the expulsion of moisture to the outside, which dries quickly in contact with air.

Recommended use time: 8+ hours

Rekord Sat pad

Rekord, a combination of the most advanced sponges, fabrics and technologies, is the result of testing with professional cyclists and a series of laboratory protocols.
A revolutionary three-dimensional styled pad, it provides protection where needed, thanks to high-density (120kg/m3) inserts placed at key pressure points.
The shape is anatomical: the sponge is distributed in the middle and back where the bones are most exposed, leaving free the areas where the nerves rest and where blood flow is greatest.
The model is presented with S.A.T.-the new impact absorption technology: The Source Shock Absorption Technology.
Rekord is presented in Carbon fiber fabric with permanent bacteriostatic and antistatic properties, Bio-HiTech or Drytex, Bluesign-certified materials®, B-elastic microfiber and printable Coolmax, including permanent antimicrobial Polygiene treatment.
Absolutely free of surface seams, Rekord features the Air-Flow System, a series of holes in the most critical areas to promote breathability and moisture expulsion.

Recommended wear time: 8+ hours

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